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What we look for.

Scroll down to see the strengths we look for in our candidates.

Want to impress throughout the hiring process? While there's no exact template for success at ELITS, our people share some common attributes that help make us different - and ELITS a great place to work.

We like to do things differently – and it gets results. Good technical competences are one thing, we think personality, passion and originality are just as important. That means we look for people who can bring new ways of thinking to our teams. Allthough we hire people with diverse experience, we always look for a number of common attributes in all of our consultants…

People who care.

People are the heart of everything we do. Our employees are the reason we’ve earned such a strong reputation and the reason our clients choose to work with us time after time. That’s why we look for people who always strive to be the best.

Customer obbsession.

Ever since our founding in 2006, ELITS consultants have made choices based on what’s right for our clients – because in both the short and long term, what’s right for our clients are right, period. This is deeply ingrained in our day-to-day activities creating the best customer experience.

Passionate about what you do.

We deliver solutions we are proud of and we are passionate about customer success. So, for us, passion is nonnegotiable. We're looking for people who are enthusiastic and tenacious about solving problems, who see the world from the customers perspective and have foresight of their problems. In short people who are committed to creating change in their work and for their customer.

Team players from the start.

Our consultants are team players. A team that works well together delivers great work. We adopt a highly collaborative approach to our projects work and value people who work well with others. So we look for people who naturally build their own networks, who find common ground with others and who listen to customers, mentors and colleagues in order to broaden their own knowledge. And as we're a global company that works across teams in different locations, we also look for people who are as happy working collaboratively online as they are in person.

This is not a definitive list, but if you agree with these attributes, there’s a good chance we’ll get along. Above all, we’re impressed by candidates who are authentic and honest in their answers.

If you're passionate about what you do, apply now! Curious about how we hire? Have a look here!




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