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Can you describe your role at ELITS?

I am mainly a backend developer, but I also do DevOps in some projects.

Can you tell us about a challenge or project you feel proud of?

I am really proud of having been a part of the "AppHub project", a whole private cloud environment built by ELITS for a customer, that posed many technical challenges and allowed me to work with many different areas.

Why did you start working at ELITS?

Since my first interview I have had the impression that ELITS was a company that cared for the development of its employees. This impression was confirmed after I was employed and still stands, after more than two years.

What is the best with ELITS in your opinion?

In ELITS the employees' voice is heard and taken into account when it comes to take decisions.

When did you realize you wanted to work with IT?

When I was a kid I was inspired by a friend of my grandmother, who bought an IBM PC as soon as he retired and started learning BASIC by himself when he was 70. He showed me the wonders of development, and convinced my father to buy me a PC soon after. I started coding some simple programs in BASIC when I was 10 and realized that coding was something I would have wanted in my life.

What inspires you in your work?

I like to take up challenges, and to bring projects from an idea, or a list of requirements, to their full realization.

What is the ”Top subject” within your technical area?

Cloud and micro-services are the subjects trending now.

Where do you look for inspiration?

When it comes to technical challenges, I am very inspired by people in the Open Source world.

What do you do in your spare time?

I have some pet projects that I update from time to time. I also play the Great Highland Bagpipes.

What is your ”superpower”/hidden talent?

I tend to work well under stress, and have a thing for problem solving.

Why apply for a job at ELITS?

ELITS is a place where employees never feel like "a gear in the system". ELITS feels like home.

What is your best tip to a future colleague?

When you feel stuck, feel free to ask your colleagues for advice: there is a good chance that someone has seen the problem before.

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