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Can you describe your role at ELITS?

My role at ELITS is a DevSecOps Engineer with a focus on business architecture and standards. During my time at ELITS I have worked with two major teams at one of ELITS´ customers, with a growing complexity that feeds my hunger to know more. During my time at ELITS, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of ELITS talented engineers that have helped me with insight on my assignment.  
Can you tell us about a challenge or (customer)project you are proud of? 
Recently I have joined a team at one of ELITS´ customers that is designing a CICD to provide customer side hosted services as a service. This comes with great challenges to both deal with the scale and the high quality demanded at every step.  This I feel proud of as I have grown as an engineer to understand the complexity that are faced at this scale of a setup. 
Why did you start working at ELITS? 

I began working at ELITS after meeting the founder Fredrik Sjöstedt and the management team. While meeting a few consultancies firms during my recruitment, ELITS stood out from the crowd as more of a team and building the right solution for their customers instead of just racking up billable hours. ELITS shows through out the recruitment and long after, they are constantly trying to engage their employees and make them always feel welcome long after joining. 
What is the best with ELITS in your opinion? 

As previously mentioned,  ELITS engaged with their employees and show a consideration for how the employees feel. ELITS focuses on the employee's success and make sure they are constantly growing. This motivates everyone and as a result allows the customers see a motivated and growing consultant. 
When did you understand you wanted to work with IT? 

My motivation began at the age of 13 when I built my first chatBot and website for a gaming clan in an old game called Anarchy Online. From there my passion grew to building a Library system for my school with national recognition then my ego grew from there. At the age of 15 I began the life of entrepreneur with two close friends in providing Dedicated Servers and Virtual Machines Hosting. At this stage of building up a website, portal and partnerships it became obvious that there was a path in life that was calling me. 
What inspires you in your work? 

I am inspired in my work by the people around me and the purpose of my contribution. I have had a long career working along some of the greatest people in the industry with as much, or in some cases even more, passion in the Industry of DevOps. With the rapidly changing landscape of the industry, there is always something exciting on the horizon. 
What is the ”Top subject” within your technical area? 

Within my area, developing standards and having a solid architecture is the top subject we are constantly reviewing and defining as a team. When developing an Infrastructure as code, it's very important that standards are constantly discussed and challenged to make them future proof. If these discussions are not done and everyone in the team is not inline, one can picture an infrastructure that looks similar to the creation of Frankenstein. 
What is your main source of inspiration? 

My main source of inspiration come from seeing the challenges that are faced and knowing that no challenge is impossible, its only just a matter of time. I also know that a complex solution I will never memorize, so I enjoy developing simpler implementation of complex solutions to make them easily scalable and portable. To achieve this I use multiple sources, researching the internet, including stack overflow 😉, and from debating perspectives with my colleagues. 
What do you do in your spare time? 

In my spare time I enjoy Video Gaming, working on hobby coding, Mountain Biking near Stockholm, Hiking and recently a handyman in home construction. 
What is your ”superpower”/hidden talent? 

I would say my superpower is a hidden trait from my ancestors, making sarcastic jokes at the most inappropriate time. Sometimes these "jokes" you can find in my coding variable names. 
Why apply for a job at ELITS? 

I have worked in a few businesses in the past, the thing that ELITS bring to the table is that if the employee is happy and motivated then good business will always follow. Being able to define your goals and paths with your manager and constantly review and work towards those goals shows that there is a constant path to growth. This in turn making great professional consultants not from age, but the path you take. ELITS is always engaged to make sure that your assignments are truly what interests you and benefit the growth of your professional career.  


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